Equity's Independent Theatre Arts Committee
Article from Equity's Assistant General Secretary, Communications & Membership Support - Martin Brown

Cuts to Government support for the arts are coming , and some in the arts think we should not rock the boat and be grateful if the cuts are smaller than expected.

Equity is not one of them!

We think that Equity members should protest long and loud about cuts that will make hardly a blip on Government finances but will seriously damage the arts and also, we believe, economy.

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What you can do?

Join the campaign!

If you have five minutes to spare you could sign the petition against plans to cut the BBC licence fee.

In five minutes more you can join the campaign against the abolition of the UK Film Council.

In ten minutes you can download the letter the Equity Council has sent to David Cameron protesting at arts cuts and forward it to your local MP.

We're not going to sit back and take it. Join the campaign against arts cuts!

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